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A full weatherization and energy visit provided through a state and utility sponsored initiative.


During this visit, the average Connecticut household receives $1000 of products and services!

Here's What You Get:

A blower-door whole-house test
To pinpoint leaks and drafts in your home. An authorized [HES] contractor will seal from the attic to the basement and around windows and doors

Energy-saving LED light bulbs
Including installation of up to 25 bulbs in receptacles and fixtures (additional bulbs offered at discounted rates)

Water conservation and hot water saving measures
Including installation of high pressure/low-flow shower heads and faucet aerators, and wrapping of hot water pipes with foam insulation

Air duct leakage test
In homes with forced air or central air conditioning, uou are entitled to a test of your ductwork to access air flow and have leaks sealed appropriately

Access to EnergizeCTsm rebates & financing
For qualifying heating and air conditioning systems, and for replacement of inefficient appliances. Also included: incentives for insulation, hot water heaters, window upgrades, and home solar

Lower Your Energy Bills with the Home Energy Solutionssm Service!

Connecticut residents are eligible for a full weatherization and energy visit offered through a collaboration of the utility companies and state in order to help homeowners save money on their energy bills and increase the efficiency of their homes.

To fund this and other energy efficiency programs, Connecticut residents are currently paying fees on their electric and natural gas bills that go directly towards Energize ConnecticutSM. (These fees are called "Combined Public Benefit" charges and can be found on Eversource, United Illuminating, Connecticut Natural Gas, and Southern Connecticut Natural Gas monthly bills.)

Although all residents contribute to the Energize ConnecticutSM fund through these charges, many homeowners are not aware of the programs and services provided through this initiative.

Participating utility companies are required to use the money collected for this fund to offer Connecticut households access to a variety of energy efficiency services, rebates, and incentives.

All products and services are included for just one low-cost co-payment/participation fee. The participation fee for this service is dependent on home heating fuel.

For homes heating with natural gas or electricity, the co-payment is $149 with no additional costs. The co-payment is $174 for oil or propane heated homes Co-Pay reduced to $75.00 until Jan 31st, 2020. (These fees may be waived for income eligible residents.)

All remaining costs and expenses are covered through Energize ConnecticutSM.

This service, and many other energy efficiency services and incentives, are funded by an existing charge on Connecticut energy bills.